About Us


Our Philosophy

Humans are emotional creatures and no matter how rational, can make irreversible mistakes at critical moments during the investment journey. We aim to establish and carry out a strategy objectively and in a disciplined manner to provide long term benefits to clients that want active portfolio management. In this spirit, we have developed a generalized but flexible strategies to meet most investment goals. While we offer a standard "buy-hold-rebalance" option like other robo-advisors, we go beyond this using market data-driven methods to capture excess return while managing downside risk for our clients.

Errors of human judgment can infect even the smartest people, thanks to overconfidence, lack of attention to details, and excessive trust in the judgments of others, stemming from a failure to understand that others are not making independent judgments but are themselves following still others—the blind leading the blind.
— Robert J. Shiller, Irrational Exuberance

About Us

We’re Sigma401k, an investment advisory and technology firm that aims to bring sophisticated investment strategies to all retirement oriented investors.

We offer the first web-based investment management application designed to provide active money management services to clients within their existing employer sponsored retirement account (401k, 403b, etc.). Our service provides quarterly portfolio monitoring and adjustments to your account. These are based on well-known investment methods, but rarely available to retirement plan participants.

The Sigma401k strategy combines tracking a return risk “factor”, momentum, with a versatile risk management model (market trend) that attempts to reduce the effects of market downturns on portfolios. We believe this type of sophisticated strategy should be available to all investors.


Our Story

We’ve been in the retirement plan business for nearly 15 years, and have seen the space evolve rather slowly. We’ve always aimed to create better retirement solutions for 401k plan participants, but technology has only recently become a major part of the investing and retirement space.

Wen we started, most participants were still left with the chore of creating a portfolio from a menu of investments (large cap, mid-cap, international funds, etc.) without any idea how to optimize it. 

Today, over 90% of 401k plans have investment options that fill this need: target date funds, risk based allocation models, or other tools easily construct diversified portfolios. Many plans even re-balance your account automatically. No longer should any investor that wants a "buy-and-hold" or re-balancing strategy have to select their own allocations. Template funds or online tools are abundant. There are many third party online services that provide this kind of automated, passive portfolio management.


With that, a new problem presented itself: some 401k investors may want to go beyond those strategies. Buy and hold and rebalancing may either not produce the best long-term outcomes, or fit within an account holder’s investment beliefs or comfort levels.

In the next step of democratizing retirement services, we created Sigma401k to offer an affordable active portfolio management option. We’ve made it flexible to work with your account whether you are just starting to save, near retirement, or somewhere in between. You may even have an investment advisor, but they do not provide assistance with 401ks.