Meet the first robo-advisor providing active management to your 401k.

Intelligent, Active, Data-Driven


Sigma401k Offers 3 Main Strategies



Based on estimated intermediate term market direction, this model may adjust equity exposure quarterly in attempts to mitigate ‘Drawdown’ risk.



Quarterly asset class selection which attempts to outperform passive ‘buy-and-hold’ investment allocation strategies.


Modern Portfolio Theory

Creates optimal passive allocations using investment options available within a clients plan based on a 12-point criteria.

Say goodbye to the days of wild, un-monitored, black box investing and hello to data-driven, active management of your 401k.

We believe everyone, not just the affluent, should have access to investment strategies so they can feel comfortable about the future. Monitoring your 401k can be a time consuming process, between confusing provider websites, collecting and interpreting financial data. This can be difficult to maintain on a consistent, timely basis, year after year, with so many things going on your life.



Sigma401k’s monthly automated 401k management fee is only a flat $20 per month!

Compare that to the others guys.

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Our mission is to equip your 401k with proven strategies that help maximize your retirement, allowing you to focus on life in the meantime.

We do this by providing quality, affordable wealth management that other robo-advisors have yet to offer. The primary Sigma401k strategy combines tracking a return risk “factor”, momentum, with a simple but versatile risk management model (market trend), that can reduce the effects of market downturns. We offer each of these components as separate strategies as well. The strategic goal for any of them is to help your portfolio perform better over the long term, giving you peace-of-mind today knowing that your nest-egg is safe.



Sigma401k helps get the most opportunity from the market and provides investors confidence in their portfolio, regardless of market conditions.